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Message from the president

Welcome to Kalabat Companies web page!

The challenges of our business, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Engineering, Development and Construction, continue to evolve and present new opportunities for all of us. As the marketplace changes and we explore new ways to do businesses be assured that our primary consideration is providing value to our clients and maintaining the highest level of integrity?"

We provide a dynamic range of real estate services, from Engineering and Development through Construction, Finance and Investments. Our team of skilled engineers, architects, construction managers, accountants and business administrators will uncover meaningful distinctions upon which relevant businesses can be developed to leverage competitive advantage in the marketplace.

"Why engage us to provide your Engineering, Development and Construction Services?

Relationships and Knowledge;
Relationships are still the cornerstone of our business. Our vendors source relationships as well as our client relationships are the number one priority. Having originated over $50 Million of new developments over the last three years alone, we have the financing and real estate market knowledge to place your needs with the best Engineering, Development and Construction sources available.
Relationships and Knowledge differentiates KALABAT from the competition. The foundation of our business is the local based construction relationships combined with the knowledge developed from over $300 Million of total construction and development work originated since the inception in 1981, and over $ 1 Billion of total international construction projects collectively completed by our senior engineering staff during their combined 450 man years of intensive experience.

Performance and Results;
We have been delivering them for over 20 years in a business that is often as unpredictable as the weather. But it is our continuing association with professional staff, industry vendors and clients that has allowed us to grow with them to do new and better work in a constantly changing marketplace. Our mission is to understand the needs and desires of those we do business with in order to find the best solutions."

Our development and construction relationships include the premier companies and entrepreneurial clients. Our relationships are founded on the principal that providing the finest opportunity to our development and construction sources from local based vendors and professionals, that can able us to maintain relationships, which our competitors cannot duplicate. In fact, the majority of KALABAT business sources are companies, which restrict their work and projects origination to those specifically designated as experts in developments and construction industry. Companies such as Washington Mutual, Walgreen, Holiday Inn and Hilton corporations are few of many successful businesses.

These sources require a local based professional to screen these transactions based on local market knowledge, project assessments and development's review.
Success is the final measure and we are committed to providing the tools and services necessary to achieve it. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and relationship.

Jamal S. Kalabat,
President and CEO
Kalabat Companies